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No More Tears Left Behind

As writers of history and biographies, we could only dream of being able to chronicle the life of such a person as Eva Deutschkron. Faced with being 'transported' or perhaps shot by the Nazis just because they were Jews, Eva and her husband disappeared into the 'underground' in 1942.

My Pretty Fraulein

My Pretty Fräulein is the true story of an American soldier from a small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains as he met, fell in love, and married a German woman that had been raised in a very old fashion Prussian household. The couple had major cultural obstacles to overcome in addition to governmental red tape and family objections, in addition to the compromise process all new couples must deal with for a happy union.

Short Stories

The Scale Man

Morning activity came slowly to the streets of Constanta, Romania. The City did not begin to stir until 8:30 AM. We sat on the balcony of Aunt Maria's small flat and watched the street below come to life. As we sipped our strong sweet Turkish coffee and enjoyed...

Flight of the Blue Goose

Just sitting there in the back yard she wasn't much to look at. She was a square built creature, blocky, like all of her kind, but what made her stand out was the strange way her tail angled into the air as if she were ready to lay...


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Questions about My Pretty Fräulein

We have received some nice comments on My Pretty Fräulein. They address many different aspects of the book: German culture, Ursula’s upbringing, cold war stories,

The Last German's

During the last ten years we have collected the true stories of German men and women who were children during World War Two. It is our plan to publish chosen stories

To a Better Place

After many years of research (still in progress) Art Rathburn is beginning to write a historical novel (or series of novels) about the history of America through

Return to Sierra Valley

Return to Sierra Valley is Art Rathburn’s first Western Novel. After all of the hours of research on other books, Art wanted to write a book that didn’t require