The Lucky Man: Manfred Donath

Background: In the writing of his first book, Meeting The Enemy, author Arthur Rathburn often turned to his friend, Manfred Donath, to get insight as to life as a German paratrooper and as a prisoner of war. It occurred to Arthur that Manfred’s life deserved its own book. Of special interest was the young life of Manfred. The average American has no concept of what life as a common person was like during the crucial years that saw the German people turn to the voice of Adolph Hitler. What was the culture like? And, what happened to the people and the culture after the defeat of Hitler’s Third Reich?

Style: The book is a short biography. Every effort was made to make it as historically accurate as possible. For reader interest dialogue is often used. While it is impossible to authenticate what was actually said in these situations, care was taken, in coordination with the subject to have the dialogue reflect the scene as it actually took place.

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