Return To Sierra Valley

By Arthur Rathburn

Cal Church, a youngster raised in a small mountain valley in California’s  Sierra Nevada Mountains, left home as a teenager to see what  life was like in the East. In 1869, shortly after the completion of the Civil War, and right after the completion of the continental railway he and a friend managed to get as far as Omaha, Nebraska.  His exploits, as he grew into a man in four short years, takes the reader on a true old west adventure.  He may have physically left his beloved valley,  but his dreams and desire became obsessed with returning to Sierra Valley.

After adventures in the Indian territory with the US Cavalry, experiencing “big city life” in Saint Louis, Missouri, and working on a large ranch in Ogallala, Nebraska he finally returned home only to find he now had to prove he truly was now man enough to live the life of a frontier cattleman.

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