My Pretty Fraulein

by Art Rathburn

My Pretty Fräulein is the true story of an American soldier from a small town in the Sierra Nevada Mountains as he met, fell in love, and married a German woman that had been raised in a very old fashion Prussian household. The couple had major cultural obstacles to overcome in addition to governmental red tape and family objections, in addition to the compromise process all new couples must deal with for a happy union.

The story is primarily from Arthur’s point of view, but Ursula has added comments on what she terms “the real story” throughout the book. These are printed in a separate font so a reader gets the sense of listening to a normal married couple telling their story. The result Is a humorous look at events that were far from humorous at the time. While the book will be of most interest to any person who has entered into a cross-cultural marriage, all readers should find this couple’s staggering travel through falling in love, courting in a somewhat hostile environment, and settling into a successful marriage a delightful read.

American readers will gain new insight into the culture of “Old Germany.” As the world “shrinks” due to the explosion of high tech communication, one forgets how far we have come in merging the cultures of the world. My Pretty Fräulein reminds readers of where we came from. This book is meant as a fun read and not a historical record of past events, though any biography is recorded history.

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