The American German

Background: The author met Juergen Frank through the Madison, Wisconsin German Club. When he first heard bits and pieces of Juergen’s life he knew that he must investigate further. He indeed did discover a wonderful way to let his readers know what life was like in rural Germany during World War II and the early occupation by Russian troops through the use of his specialty, a biography of a common man that lived an uncommon life. A bonus in the story was to be able to follow Juergen back to the land of his birth, America, and get a glimpse of what it is like to be an immigrant to this country. To verify this unusual story the author and his wife traveled to the small town in Germany where Juergen and his family spent the war years in order to interview Juergen’s former classmates and friends.

The book is a short biography. Every effort was made to make it as historically accurate as possible. For reader interest dialogue is often used. While it is impossible to authenticate what was actually said in these situations, care was taken to have the dialogue reflect the scene as it actually took place, as verified by Mr. Frank.

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Readers critiques and comments:

“The American German is a quick read which means it should hold the attention span of even younger readers, who I think will be captivated by learning what it was like for someone from Wisconsin to end up in Nazi Germany.” “For students who are interested in World War II and having a different perspective these books (The American Japanese and the American German) are well worth reading.”
Lawrance M. Bernabo (reviewer The Zenth City, Duluth, Minnesota – as seen on

“I very much enjoyed your book (The American German) and its already at my neighbor’s, also a German.
Elsbeth Cosiovich (in e-mail to the author)

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