The Last German's

During the last ten years we have collected the true stories of German men and women who were children during World War Two. It is our plan to publish chosen stories from this collection in a book titled The Last German’s.

These men and women are the last members of an old German cultural that comes to an end as this generation dies. The younger generations can best be described (by their own words) as Europeans born in Germany. As we have done the research we find the World War Two generation to feel estranged from the modern German culture.

The stories are canada of men and women who were from nine to twenty years old at the end of World War Two. Their stories are sometimes sad, sometimes tragic, and sometimes funny. The common thread is that they are all fascinating glimpses into the world of war through the eyes of the young. Collectively they present a very comprehensive picture of life German households during this traumatic time in history. Whether you are a history buff or just an appreciator of entertaining true stories you will find much to keep you enthralled in this collection. If you have such a story contact us.

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