Return to Sierra Valley

Return to Sierra Valley is Art Rathburn’s first Western Novel. After all of the hours of research on other books, Art wanted to write a book that didn’t require all of that research. The story he chose is based on true stories he had heard while working on the ranches in Sierra Valley California as a youngster. It is the story of a young man’s journey to manhood. Born and raised in Sierra Valley, Cal along with a friend decide to journey east on the newly completed Continental Railroad. This was a reverse of the trend of America’s “go west young man, go west.” This journey, and his return to Sierra Valley, is wrought with exciting adventures, as his exploits after returning to the valley.

Art could not drop his drive to be as historically accurate as possible and therefore found himself doing nearly as much research for this story as his World War Two era books. The reader is in for a good look at western life in the 1870’s as well as a very entertaining, hard riding, danger laden, adventure salted with the romantic exploits of a frontier raised young man.

Return to Sierra Valley, is in final edit and no publication date has been set.

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As writer, editor, and publisher Art has free rein to do what he wants.

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