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We have received some nice comments on My Pretty Fräulein.

They address many different aspects of the book: German culture, Ursula’s upbringing, cold war stories, marriage in general, etc.. This diversity of the memories we have spurred in very heartwarming to us.

There have been several questions about Ursula’s childhood we would like to answer here is a general forum. Several people wanted to know what influence the Nazi Party had on her education. Please remember that Ursula was only in her first few years of school when the Nazi Party was in power. One big change that happened during her learning to write in school was Hitler’s changing of the writing script. Ursula started to learn to write the old Deutsches Schrift (the old style way of writing letters. After only learning a few letter in her penmanship training they switched to the Latin letters as we use today. I guess one could say this was a positive change. She did begin class with the Nazi salute, she thinks – it has been a long time since she even thought of such things. As for her teachers she remembers a few that were a bit anti Nazi and a few that were quite Nationalistic. None of them disappeared before or after the war. Her major memory was that they had to move to a temporary school as the regular school became a military hospital.

A big memory for that time that is attached to her schooling was waiting on the street for what seemed hours with a French Flag in hand to wave at DeGaul when he came through town (Ingelheim was in the French Zone after the war). Her teacher was a big French supporter. Also the memory of getting kicked out of her home three times by the Americans is something she remembers well.

As far as war, Ursula has few memories. Her parents evidently worked hard in keeping her away from the fear and misery that was all around her.

Keep those comments coming we love them.

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